Jazz is not music, it is a mindset

In many ways, jazz and St. Paul & St. James are well matched. After all, jazz draws on West African and European traditions, and is also rooted in the American experience. As such, it exemplifies the cultural richness and respect to which we aspire.

In the way it is typically performed, jazz provides a great model of community, where each individual is given room to stretch and grow without sacrificing the integrity of collective enterprise. It provides a form, but also allows free expression, or room for the Spirit. This jazz mindset extends throughout our worship and provides an experience unique to our community.

Lively 10:30 Jazz service

Our 10:30 service is a lively service that features a variety of music styles including jazz, world music, and traditional hymns. Our music is led by our choir and the jazz ensemble.

>>In Christ there is no east or west
>>I am for you
>>Stay With Me (Taizé)
>>Whoopin’ Blues
>>Precious Lord
>>Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme
>>Were You There (traditional)

>>Jesus Christ has risen today
>>No the green blade riseth



Jazz Vespers second Thursday of the month

Every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm a trio (piano, bass and drums) of gifted and accomplished musicians provide jazz meditations with readings from Scripture, a short sermon, and prayers. This jazz ensemble is different from our Sunday group.

The music for Jazz Vespers is under the direction of Emmy award-winning composer and pianist Rex Cadwallader, with Mike Assetta (bass) and Arti Dixson (drums).

>>Jazz Vespers sample – February 9, 2012

Protestant and Catholic?

St. Paul & St. James is an Episcopal Church. A hallmark of our denomination is that it has elements of the Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Episcopalians celebrate the “Mass” in ways similar to the Roman Catholic tradition; yet do not recognize any single authority, such as the Pope of Rome. Both Protestants and Roman Catholics feel at home in our church.

The Eucharist

The Episcopal Church of St. Paul & St. James is an inclusive community centered in the Eucharist and grounded in baptism. The Holy Eucharist- Great Thanksgiving, Lord’s Supper, Mass- is celebrated at 10:30 am. This service uses the contemporary language in our Book of Common Prayer.  In addition to consecrated wine, we also offer consecrated grape juice (for those who do not drink alcohol).


Those who were baptized in another Christian denomination with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and then join the Episcopal Church are never baptized again. If you have not been baptized and want to make a public commitment to follow Christ or want to have your child baptized, please talk to a member of the clergy.


The Church of St. Paul & St. James welcomes both weddings for all couples, and has been performing same-sex ceremonies for years.  Numerous sessions of premarital counseling are required for the couple seeking to get married, as well as regular attendance at our Sunday services. We do require nominal fees and a deposit for nonmembers. If you have questions about these ceremonies, please contact a member of the clergy as soon as possible.