about us

We are unique

Not only do we have lively jazz music every Sunday, but we also are one of the most active churches when it comes to outreach to New Haven. We practice what we preach by seeking new ways to make God’s radical love known to this city. We meet people wherever they are and sometimes to simply show them hospitality and learn something from them. We are followers of Christ who are committed to living out our covenant with God and our faith in Jesus Christ though our presence and ministry in New Haven.

We are a church with a long history in New Haven

Our parish dates back to the 19th century and has seen many changes over the centuries. We have given birth to many trademarks of this city including the Neighborhood Music School and the New Haven Ballet. Today we are a progressive Episcopal Church where sounds from flamenco dance echo through our halls. We host numerous 12-step groups throughout the week. Our Loaves & Fishes food pantry gives 200-300 bags of groceries every Saturday.

We are inclusive

At St. Paul & St. James we include people of diverse races, social classes, incomes, ages, and sexual orientations. We are seekers, skeptics, and the spiritually hungry of all kinds. We are all drawn together in the love of Christ. No matter where you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here.

Our worship services speak a language of prayer that represents the diversity and complexity of our congregation, while remaining rooted in the Episcopal tradition of Common Prayer.

We are Lively!

If you come into St. Paul & St. James on a Sunday morning you will enter a worship service full of life and energy.

Our 10:30 worship service has traditional, contemporary and emerging styles of music with a jazz influence. We worship using a variety of musical styles (jazz, world music, gospel music, traditional hymns) and we also use language that includes the many names of God. Our service also includes other languages than English, most often Spanish.

We are Sacramental

We believe we are called through our baptism to live as God’s people in the world.

We break bread together as God’s gift of new life in Jesus Christ.

We celebrate God’s presence in our life and worship by finding holiness in all God’s works.

We are growing

The most exciting thing is that we are a church that is growing, which means you might be one of many visitors we have each Sunday. You can join something new and exciting.

Our numbers continue to grow as more people are finding a home here at St. Paul & St. James. In our lively music, excellent preaching, and celebrations of the Eucharist, among other things, many people have found what they are hungering for and have found refreshing. Come see for yourself.

We are Episcopal


We value many things about The Episcopal Church. We are very active in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut and our clergy are active at the national level the Episcopal Church. We value Scripture, tradition, and reason and use all three to discern what God is calling us to do. We support the ministry of our bishops and the Presiding Bishop. Our worship may be different from most Episcopal churches, but we like to think we value to the best parts of the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.

We value children

Children and youth are very much a part of our community. Every Sunday at the 10:30 service we have a special children’s sermon. While most adults also value this message, children find it very meaningful.

We also have a special area in our worship space for children.   Following the children’s sermon, we offer Sunday School for children age 3 to grades 5. Children return to receive the Eucharist.

Younger children (age 3 and under) are welcome in worship.